Talking Horses: Tylicky’s £6m claim has wider implications for racing

By: Greg Wood Tuesday 7 December 2021

Outcome of the former jockey’s damages claim, around a fall which left him in a wheelchair, could have major ramifications

While the British Horseracing Authority’s disciplinary panel considered whether Robbie Dunne had subjected fellow rider Bryony Frost to a lengthy campaign of bullying and harassment last week, the life-changing impact of a few seconds at Kempton Park in October 2016 was the subject of intense scrutiny less than a mile away at the High Court on the Strand. Both cases raise issues which could reverberate through racing, and perhaps also the wider sporting world, for years to come.

The BHA panel on the Dunne-Frost case – Dunne has denied all but one of the allegations – will continue to hear evidence on Tuesday. But the High Court case in which former jockey Freddy Tylicki is claiming £6m in damages from Graham Gibbons, as the result of a fall which left him confined to a wheelchair five years ago, closed on Friday, with a verdict expected before Christmas.

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