Services at Victory Lodge

Professional Thoroughbred Horse Training

At Victory Lodge, we understand that providing the right environment and care is paramount to a horses’ development. With over 30 years experience as a trainer, Clarry’s expertise and hands on approach is second to none.

Clarry works closely with his team to ensure that the best attention is given to each individual horse.


Communication is important to Clarry Conners and his stable prides itself on keeping owners abreast of their horses activities. That is why Clarry has developed this interactive website for his owners to allow up to the minute information and private messages through his “trainers say” direct to owners.

Horse Selection

Clarry is well qualified to select and acquire horses on behalf of owners and prospective owners at all major yearling sales.

Victory Lodge

Victory Lodge, named after Clarry's first Group 1 winner, Victory Prince, is conveniently positioned across the road from Warwick Farm Racetrack. Importantly, no horses are in any danger walking to and from the track each morning for their daily exercise.

The complex houses more than 40 horses, with bigger than normal boxes so that each horse has ample room to move around.

Included in the top class thoroughbred facilities is a nine-horse walking machine, allowing horses to also be exercised within the stable compound.

The AJC has at Warwick Farm a top class swimming enclosure for horses, which is a great alternative for horses, and importantly, is just a close walk nearby. Clarry utilises this fantastic facility to add some variety to the daily routine.

Owners can be more than comfortably satisfied that their horse(s) have the best of facilities and just as importantly, in a very caring environment.

And an added bonus – Clarry and Maree live within the stable complex so that you know that your horse(s) are subjected to the right treatment - 24/7.

And a reminder, Clarry is well qualified to select and acquire horses on your behalf at all major yearling sales.

Is it luck, judgment, talent, persistence, commitment or is it knowledge? You will find all of these at Victory Lodge.

Staff Profiles

Clarry has a wonderful team of staff who work together with winning attitude and enthusiasm to their job. Some of the staff have been working with Clarry for many years.

Clarry Conners, Thoroughbred Racehorse Trainer

Clarry is the captian of his ship and the master of his craft. He has a trusted and valued team which he works with closely in overseeing the day to day operations of the stable.

Maree Conners, Co-Pilot

Maree and Clarry are a formidable team together. Maree has been working along side Clarry during his racing career, and as a team have together Managed Victory Lodge to hold the reputation it has today. Maree has been efficiently guiding and steering the stable, overseeing the administration and customer service and has proudly produced this interactive web site.